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Wow! So much has happened since my birthday, which is when was the last time I made a blog post. I was so busy working at Best Buy full time, it was a blast working there but I never gave up on job searching. Thankfully I had the SkillCrush get-hired group to motivate me and help me with the interview process.

They have helped me a bunch but the one thing that really stuck with me was to not undermine the work I had done because building a site like the one you are using right now and the others 100’s I have made that are collecting dust is something I shouldn’t brush off. I worked hard on these things and I should have the confidence to present these projects.

Well with their help I was able to find this amazing fellowship at Center Centre! I’m really happy I was able to get this opportunity to work with so many amazing people and to improve my skills. I know a lot more than I did earlier this year and now I understand all those memes about attending meetings, there are millions I attend now but I love every meeting I attend. I hope this love I have for my job never stops, this is something that makes me happy, and being able to improve my skills while making it easier for those in my company.

I started working at Center Centre on July 27 which was 101 days ago, time really flies because it doesn’t feel like that. I really want to mention Zendesk, because I was able to integrate this new customer support system into everyone’s routine, and being able to teach every member of our organization was an incredible opportunity. I’m glad everyone was so understanding and also having fun with the interactive session I did with them. I would like to go into more detail but I’ll make a long story short, I was using the Zendesk two-week trial to see if this was best for us. Because we would get any new emails and make a report on Slack but Zendesk has made this process so much easier and way more organized! Once I thought this was a good program, I would fully implement it on our websites and in our Slack channel. I really did make a long story short because that whole process took about two months. Of course, it was fully teaching everyone which took a while since we all have busy schedules but again I was able to learn Zendesk on my own then I was able to teach everyone even those who are neurodivergent how to use this new program and take any feedback they had.

I was also teaching Amy, our “newest” fellow. I put quotes because she started about three months ago. She always asks me questions since I am the senior fellow but I think I’m learning a lot from her as well. Every day we learn new things but we also make sure whatever we are learning is documented. I think the documentation for our routines and programs is well-detailed and have lots of visual guides, which is what every company needs but before I would write basically zero documentation and now I want to write documentation for everything I do. I have weekends off and yet I’m coding on weekends, I hope my eyes don’t hate me for that haha. Right now, I’m currently changing my portfolio website. https://glitchportfolio.com/ I used the Wayback Machine to save how my website looks right now! (Also I noticed that someone has saved how my website looked before? Also my Twitter account? That is so weird! But I do appreciate that someone saved it online. I hope I get big enough that there are tons of snapshots of my websites!)

I should go back to editing my portfolio… I needed a moment to write down my thoughts about this amazing journey. It would be kinda funny if this broke my blog with how big this post is. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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