Snow day!

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Hey guys it’s been a long time! I had fun with my sister on her birthday but I had to leave earlier than I thought because of the snowstorm hitting the east coast. It sucked leaving early but if I didn’t I would have been stuck there probably until Monday which would have been a little funny.

I updated my portfolio website today because some of the CSS was breaking the website. I tried showing my co-worker my page and it was really embarrassing when I noticed the mistake. Thankfully I fixed it!

Now all I have to do is update my DBD Trivia App! I am like halfway done with the survivor questions which is so challenging!!!!!! Then I have to do the Killer questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so tired but I have to keep going! Also, I forgot I should keep studying React with Bob so I can show off those projects as well.

I haven’t been applying for Front End Development jobs as of late and I think I will try to apply to 20 jobs or so every day lol.

I hope you guys stay warm and stay safe out there. Have a great day/night!

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