Reflections on My Web Dev Progress

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Hey everyone! I recently went to PA to celebrate my birthday with my partner and their parents a little early. Thanks to Easter and Good Friday, it was fun and a long weekend.

Besides that little vacation, I’ve been working! This is great, but I still need to improve my LinkedIn, WordPress, and, most importantly, GitHub game. I wish it would push to my GitHub anytime I update a client’s website. Then all of that would be bright green.

I’ve done a lot over the past three weeks working here like earning my certificate in Google Analytics and working in Squarespace and Shopify.

Past Interview and Child Themes

One thing I’ve recently learned is child themes. Which is great for my web development progress but child themes honestly upset me because of one bad interview. I was still new to the field, with me answering no to most of the questions, and then they brought up child themes.

That was the first time hearing of child themes during that interview… They also asked me about one time I faced a hard challenge and how I overcame it. I just answered, “You know those times when you are looking for a bug, but it turned out to be a typo…”

When I said that, I swear the other developer’s face went like this

An animated GIF of a woman with a disappointed look on her face, shaking her head no

Remembering that interview made me feel so many emotions. I’m glad I have more experience and better responses to those questions!

Also, the company ghosted me about the next steps, and I would have appreciated an email saying, “You didn’t get it.”!

I just checked and wow, that was 11 months ago! I thought it was longer, but I’m surprised by how short of a time I’ve improved in my Web development progress.

If I ever find the time to update this blog’s theme, I will! With a child theme, of course, 😉

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