Networking Week!

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Code and Coffee

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I was able to attend the Code & Coffee hosted by BrainStation on Sunday in NYC and it was a great event!

I attended the Git’ing out of sticky situations session with Omer Rosenbaum as the Speaker, and it helped me understand Github better.

Thanks to his session, I could update a repo that I stopped updating because one of the files was large. At the start of my Web Developer journey, I accidentally did git reset –hard, which was a big mistake. Thanks to Omer, I learned what to do in these situations.

I would love to tell you the other things I learned, but Omer will upload the session on Youtube. If you want to see that video, subscribe to his channel to know when the video is uploaded!

Virtual Coffee

I also had the opportunity to attend a Virtual Coffee! It’s a lovely community and I love being able to hear other’s people perspectives and how life is going for them. Also, pets show up on camera so that’s a bonus!

Job Scammers

I never mentioned this but while job hunting I decided to toy with a scammer and see how the process goes. I’m going to upload a video based on that situation and hopefully educate some people on how it looks and if they’re experiencing something similar to stop all contact.

It took a lot out of me because I had to create fake screenshots of Zelle Payments and a fake screenshot of me depositing their virtual check. (I bought a P.O. Box because I taught they were actually going to send me a check and I didn’t want them to have my address… but they just sent me a digital check so I guess I have P.O. Box for three months…) I got a second phone number using Google Voice because they asked for that too but hey it’s free so whatever.

At the end of this whole journey that happened, I ghosted him after he didn’t receive my totally real Zelle deposit. He called me a thief and then still proceeded to message me. Which is funny.

I’ll edit that as soon as I can!

MERN Project

I have been busy lately so I don’t have any updates on this project. I’ll be working on Unit Test again today! I’m trying to learn how to check if submitting the Search box will go to a valid screen with the product on the screen. Let’s see how that goes!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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