Job Scams: A Journey through 10 Telltale Points

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Hey! I will tell you how to identify job scams and the process if you get “hired.”

So I started this lovely journey with Halsted Alex.

1. An interviewer contacted you with an opportunity

He told me that there was a job opening that I might be interested in. When a recruiter gets to you about a position you never applied to. When I asked for more details, he didn’t give me a direct response. Being approached about a job opportunity and immediately asked to fill out questions via email might indicate that this is a job scam.  

Job scam interviewer reaching out about a position and refusing to tell me more about the company, saying that the PDF he will provide is more than enough information.

2. The job is too good to be true

Once I submitted my answers to his questions, he was kind enough to tell me the hourly rate. I would earn $30/hr during my train and $60/hr if hired. This sounds too good to be true, Be wary of listed salaries or benefits that seem unrealistic for the position.

Average hourly salary for a Junior Web Developer No Experience

The average salary for a Junior Web Developer with no experience is $29/hr, so while $30/hr is a little above average… earning $60/hr for that type of position is a massive outlier.

3. You’re immediately offered a position

Within 10 hours, he told me I’d been hired to be one of the junior web developers. A web developer position requires at least 4 or 5 interviews; they are more than one-and-done. I have yet to learn about my everyday tasks, the company, or their goals, and I only spoke to Halsted. I could have said I had no idea what the notepad program was, and he would have accepted me.

My congratulations email from the job scam

So please make well-informed decisions about the job you’re applying for, and getting to know the company and its goals can help you do that.

4. Your interviewer asks you to share personal information

Halsted told me to send him my address, name, phone number, and email. He asked me for my address before asking for referrals or past experiences/projects, which may indicate that this is a scam.

Asking for my full name, address, phone number

I got a P.O. box because I thought he would send me a check. He sent me an e-check after I sent him this information… So I guess I did lose money talking to him. 

5. The interview takes place via instant chat

He told me to send him pictures of the check via Google Chat. Companies don’t use Instant Chat to communicate with their employees. You can’t tell who you are talking with on Instant Chat, and this could lead to personal questions being asked, which is a sign of a job scam.

Job scam inviting me to an instant chat (Google Chat)

6. You have to pay for software

After I sent him the check, he wanted screenshots of it being deposited into my bank account. I needed to deposit this check because he wanted me to buy specific hardware for the job. Why can’t he buy it for me?

“Previously, the company made the purchase of the materials for our employees, but due to logistics issues and repeated errors that had been happening on the receipts of purchase from the vendor, it was decided that all newly hired employees make the purchase of the materials from the company’s accredited vendors while the company provides the funds that would be used for the purchase. If you are able to work for the company for a period of 12-16 weeks, the equipment automatically becomes yours and your name has to be on the receipt of purchase to that effect.” Well, why did you keep them as vendors? 

Halsted Alex

Companies will provide you with any material necessary for the job, which is a massive sign that this is a scam.

7. Emails don’t include contact information about the company

Halsted sent me a Google Meeting link. If I was being honest, I was surprised, so I joined, but he never joined… I guess it was a mistake.

Then I realized I couldn’t find the company contact information in his email, which is one sign that this is a job scam. While this company he says he’s part of is a real company. He is not an employee there.

I contacted REAL COMPANY, and they told me the email domain wasn’t theirs. Other scammers might give you a random company name, so always google the company if you are contacted about a position, and if it is a real company, check if they are hiring for said position

8. Your interviewer asks you for money

Halsted provided me with two phone numbers and an email to send three payments to the vendors. I sent him these screenshots of sending him these real payments.

"Depositing" the check provided by the job scam.
"Sending" $2000 to one of the phone numbers provided by the job scam.
"Sending" $1500 to the email provided by the job scam.

He told me they would come to deliver my equipment tomorrow. We were hired, but I want to say two more points before we see his reaction to not getting my money.

9. Interviewer is being unprofessional 

Halsted’s lack of professionalism raises red flags, indicating this is a job scam.

Recruiters and interviewers maintain a professional demeanor, providing clear communication, transparent information, and a structured interview process.

Encountering unprofessionalism, inconsistencies, or rushed communication from an interviewer like Halsted is a clear warning sign of a job scam. It suggests a lack of genuine interest in your qualifications and a focus on manipulation.

10. You have a gut feeling

Always trust your instincts and avoid situations that don’t align with the professionalism expected in a real job interview process. The right job for you is always there, so don’t feel like this is the only offer you will get.

Alright, those are all my points. If you want to see his reaction then please keep reading!

Scammer’s Reaction

So I went outside and enjoyed my day. While I did that, he became worried. He asked if the money was taken from my account. If it did, can I take a screenshot of it being taken out?

Job scam recruiter is worried that the money has not been received yet.

Which I didn’t do… I kept silent after all of this. Which leads him to do this downward spiral,

Job scam is worried about my lack of response.
Job scammer telling me to keep the money
Fake recruiter last attempt of reaching the "thief"

Sadly he never got in contact with the thief

Have you fallen for a scam?

Suppose you found yourself in the same scenario and lost money to these scammers. Immediately contact the company or bank you used to send money, report it as a fraudulent charge, and ask to reverse that transaction. Please report this incident to the FTC at


We stopped a scammer from messing with someone and even got him sweating. I hope no one else falls for his scams, but now you know this process. These scammers have various methods of getting your money.

If I did deposit this digital check, it would credit my account that amount, but when the bank verifies that this is a fake check after a few days, the bank will take the credited money back. So ensure you avoid falling for these job scams that hire you on the spot. 

Alright, farewell, and stay safe out there. 

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