I’m back baby!

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I didn’t get lost at sea! I know it’s been too long since I have posted, I have been busy with work and working with SkillCrush on their Get Hired track. I’m loving the course so far and I really love it. I have updated my LinkedIn profile, my resume, and my website! You can see how cool it is by clicking these links.



(No resume link lol)

Today was my day off and I finally got to update my app. Of course, the killer questions have yet to be implemented but I finished the survivor and lore questions. I fixed all the bugs and misspellings which is embarrassing. I’ll make sure to add the killer questions ASAP. I’m going to make some rice then start working on more projects!

Maybe play some DBD and/or Persona 5 (I am at the last fight and I am crying)

Have a great day/night everyone!

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