First Week at Work!

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Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you have something cool planned for the weekend.

New Job!

This week was my first week at work. I started on Wednesday, and it’s been a pleasure so far! I plan to show off websites I’ve worked on later this month or next.

One thing that I love hearing is that I’m easy to work with. I adapt quickly, so it’s always something employers would tell me, even when I worked in retail. I don’t know what it is, but I’m glad this is how I am and can make things easier for everyone.

I have been working a lot on WordPress and Shopify! It’s crazy, but it motivates me to change this blog site’s theme. I love the job and can’t wait for what the future holds!

Where’s that video?

In my last post, I mentioned recording a video on messing with a job scammer. I did say I would post it soon, but I still have to start editing the video. I plan to do some of that over the weekend. It’s a fun video; I hope to make it entertaining and informative.

Github fail!

I failed to push an update yesterday! I can’t believe it… At least my new streak is 30. I hope to improve that number, I’m still wishing for Github to do something like Duolingo and remind me to push an update. Nonetheless, I will strive to get a bigger streak!

That’s all for this post! Thanks for reading <3

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