Firebase is so cool!

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Hey everyone! It’s been a month since I’ve written something. There are many things I could write about it, but one thing I want to dive deep into is my progress with my applications and how Firebase helped.

Android Apps and Firebase 🌟

While working on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, I realized that I’d neglected Firebase as a tool for the two Android applications on the Google Play store. I reduced my Dank Meme Soundboard app from 102MB to 9MB, which is terrific. I accomplished this by putting all the audio files and images onto Firebase Storage, calling and playing the audio whenever the user clicks the button. It also uses the Picasso plugin to use these images from the Firebase Storage.

Look at that size difference!

I implemented Crashytics to the Soundboard app, and it keeps going off. I couldn’t replicate the issue, so I’m using the Test Lab. Thankfully Firebase found a way to replicate it, and I’m trying to solve it. So many edge cases. Is it an edge case if it happens five times a day? Lol.

I will lower the size of my Trivia App too. I wanted to put all the questions into the Firestore Database but realized users would only play the game with the internet. So I will move the music into Firebase. That will help, and then I’m refactoring the code. So it’s always fun refactoring!

Google A/B Testing

Wow! A/B testing, I always heard about it, but I never thought it would be so cool. What is not cool is the flickering of the page when it changes version. I’ve been fixing this issue for a while; I was able to improve this by adding the script to the head of the page.

I have been able to conduct these tests on and on the other company’s website. They have tons of visitors every day so making it where the A/B testing seems flawless is what I’m aiming for.

Other Updates

Well, I’ve been focusing on my apps recently, I hope to practice on my React and learn some React Native. I do feel conflicted about updating my Java App and the idea of recreating it in React Native. We will cross that bridge when we get there!

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